Discover the Importance of Grounding Your Energy

We all lead stressful and demanding lives. Most of us go from a taxing workday, to then have a challenging evening with kids, partners, pets, or even multiple jobs. The world begins to feel like it's collapsing and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t worry there’s a solution to the exhaustion we all feel. A really simple technique called grounding.

What is grounding? Grounding is defined as an act of balancing out your spiritual and physical energy within your body, by connecting yourself to the earth. This helps you feel connected to your present. Many people exhibit symptoms of being ungrounded some of which are; lack of focus, anxiousness, being easily distracted, and the feeling of being spaced out or confused. Think of it this way: being ungrounded is a lot like being a tree that has been uprooted after a storm. Just like this tree, we as humans need a solid foundation to rely on and grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. The stronger your foundation the stronger you’ll be.

There are many ways to begin your journey on grounding and many different ways to choose to carry out this technique. For example; earthing, ancient practices such as yoga, walking among nature with no distractions such as technology, gardening, or simple breathing practices.

  • Earthing this is the act of quite literally getting your feet in the dirt. Find a place that is more natural than anything else then simply take off your shoes. Walk along Mother Earth with nothing between your feet and the glorious natural gifts our planet has to offer. You will feel physically and spiritually connected and in the physical now.
  • Yoga is an activity that is focused on centering and being one with your body. This will teach you to focus on your breathing in each pose and you’ll soon find yourself grounded.
  • Walking among nature or gardening really allows you to connect with mother earth and ground your energy within her.

Grounding or in other words anchoring your energy to Mother Nature is highly important in having a well-balanced life. Your day-to-day life will only benefit from making this change. You’ll find yourself connecting to your life in a more healthy and centered manner. Grounding will bring you that tethered feeling and no longer will you feel unmoored drifting through life. Choose the method that works best for you and feel connected with your own life.

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