Creating Without Worry of Failure

Does fear of failure often prevent you from ever even trying? I know how difficult that mind space can be, when your Inner Critic has full reign and is just running a muck. Those times can feel quite hopeless, quite powerless, but you know what? We really do have the ultimate say over how much we allow that Inner Critic to influence our actions, and our opinions of ourselves. Taking back control begins with understanding that our Inner Critic is wrong, and it’s just trying to keep us from failing by discouraging us from trying. There is a part of us that may really believe that our harshest view of ourselves is the most accurate, but the truth is that voice is coming from the most wounded part of ourselves, and it’s trying to protect us from getting hurt again. Well, that doesn’t work for anyone, unless all you want is to stay in place. Life happens, whether we beat ourselves up along the way or not. We might as well keep growing, keep learning, and keep moving forward.

Okay, so in the first part of this three part episode, we talked about Creating Without Worry, by using your imagination to invoke the Law of Becoming. In this part of the episode, the second part, we are going to talk about one of our Inner Critics biggest worries—The fear of failure!

I have a couple techniques for you in this episode, and it’s simple—so simple you might laugh. These techniques are to help you manage your Inner Critic kindly, and effectively, while keeping it out of your way. Here’s the thing about our Inner Critic, that people don’t realize. And it’s the key to unlocking the biggest secret for Creating Without Worry of Failure: Now, many people, myself included, when first learning about the Inner Critic and all the chaos it causes in our lives, wish they could just get rid of it. Like if you could take an ice cream scoop and just scoop it out of your mind and be free from it forever. Well, you can’t. It’s a part of you, and an important part as well.

There are valuable experiences, memories and lessons learned, all mixed in with the creation of your Inner Critic, and to cut it out of your life completely—not only is that impossible, but you could wind up cutting out things about yourself that you really love as well! Things that are vital to your personality and creativity, and this episode is all about clearing your channel, so you have full access to your creative source. So we have to be patient with our Inner Critic, and we have to have a little fun with it sometimes, and not always take it so personally. We have to be kind, but firm.

Visualization also plays a big part in these techniques I reveal in part 2 of this episode. It’s also fun, creative, and it may even seem a little silly. Those are all good things! So what are you waiting for? Join us for the next episode, and be sure to share with me any techniques you may have picked up along the way as well! I love learning and growing within the Soul Manifesto community with you! Namaste.

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