Creating Without Worry

Do you ever feel like the distance between you, and accomplishing your big dreams is so far apart that you don’t even know where to begin? Because if so, I can relate! Oh, how I always wanted to write a book, and if I’m being honest what I really wanted was to write an internationally bestselling book. I’d never tried to write a book before, but what I did have were stacks of journals, and a lot of questions. “How do I transfer this all to the computer? How do I arrange it? What software do I need? How do I find an editor? How do I find a publisher?” And those are just the technical questions, and not nearly as daunting as that old Inner Critic wanting to know, “Who do you think you are? Why would anyone want to read your book?” So I know. I know how it feels, and I know how hard it can be.

Luckily, at this point, I had done my research and my soul searching, and my meditations, and I knew that Inner Critic very well. I knew why it was there in the first place: to protect me from threats that no longer exist, by imitating and echoing old hurts from my past. And I also had learned about The Law of Becoming, which states that we become the object of our focus. Focusing on my Inner Critic, allowing myself to be made small by old pain, wasn’t going to attract big, new, and exciting results. If I wanted to become an international best-selling author, I knew that I needed to start treating myself like one!

So I made myself a tape. I recorded myself saying things like, “Alena I am so proud of you for publishing your first book, and now it’s an international success! You did it, and you are now writing your second book, and you’ve started your business…” I listened to that tape everywhere. I listened to it in the morning while I brushed my teeth, I listened to it in the car, I listened to it before I went to bed…I played it over and over again, and when I heard it I would focus on allowing myself to feel what I wanted it to feel l when I finally knew it was true! Real emotions! And guess what? Today, I’m a two-time internationally best-selling author, and the founder of Soul Manifesto.

Visualization is so powerful for manifesting your goals, that it is maybe the most magical force in the Universe. That’s why this episode actually has three parts, and this is only the first part. The magic of visualization is absolutely real, with science to support it. Now when we are children, we practice visualization a lot! We call it “using our imagination,” and it is how children learn and play. As we become adults, we often forget that imagination is a divine source for fun and play! We neglect the divine aspects of our imagination and only invoke it to relive old hurts or play out worse-case scenarios. And we need to be careful! Because we aren’t just thinking harmless thoughts when we use our imagination! We are feeling REAL emotions, as we conjure up imagery, and those emotions are what invokes The Law of Becoming!

Of course, becoming an internationally best-selling author took more than just imagining that I’d already found the success I was seeking. There was a lot of footwork; thousands of baby steps, and a lot of trial by error along the way. But I just kept creating and I didn’t worry about the distance I still had to go anymore, because I was using my imagination to support my success rather than protect me from it! That’s what this episode is all about: Creating Without The Worry! Join me for this part one of this episode about invoking the Law of Becoming so you can powerfully create your own success without worrying every step of the way about whether or not you are on the best path. There is no failure, only learning and trial by error. If you want to learn more about Soul Manifesto, take a look. We are doing some really cool things together, and I want you to be involved. Namaste

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