Clear Your Energy of Toxins

Today I want to talk to you a little bit about energy work. Energy, energy, energy— energy is everywhere around us, and everywhere inside us. Did you know that all our cells have a little vortex in them that vibrates? Every single one the trillions of cells in our body are all vibrating at the same time. Not only do they vibrate, but they light up! Especially when we’re happy, or excited, or feeling our best. Seriously, they literally light up! It’s from the synapses which connect the cells. Cool, huh?

All around us, we have an energy field. This energy field is very interesting because it allows people to feel you before you even come close. When you walk into a coffee shop, or when someone walks into a coffee shop, and they’re feeling happy and they don’t even have to say a word. They just exude it. There’s this energy around them that is far and wide, and us sitting over in the corner can actually feel their energy, and know what they are all about. Has that ever happened to you? It happens to me. I’m sure it’s happened to you.

How do we take care of our energy? Well, we take care of it by loving our life, and doing things that are fun.

We need to not hold onto grief, anger, pain, resentments…We have to gain a higher understanding, and we have to let go. Lord knows I have my own grief, but I’m not holding on to it. Now once in a while, yes, I get a wash, but I’m not living in that flood of grief. But anger, sadness, all that stuff…it clouds our energy. And it affects our relationships, our choices, our opportunities…everything. It’s time to let go and get out of our heads. Start to live more in the present. Be happy. Do the gratitudes and meditation. It’s like when we want a healthy body we workout, we stop eating all that sugar…we take care of our body by doing particular things, taking the vitamins, things like that— eating our brussel sprouts, okay? That’s what we do. However, if we want to clean up our energy, then we need to let go of some of the things that are unhealthy for our energy.

We have to add things to our life, just like we take vitamins to keep our body healthy, we have to add these wonderful spiritual practices to our lives to keep our spirits healthy. Okay, feeding your energy so that it’s healthy so that when you walk into the room, it is soaring. And it feels good. We deserve it. What you’ll find is if that energy is feeling so good, so does the body, and so does the mind. It all works together.

Alright, so this week, start adding incredible and useful spiritual vitamins to your daily life. Add one or two at least, and you can always add.

Alright, you’re talking with Alena Chapman of Soul Manifesto. And if you want to learn more ways like this, check out some of our programs! Inevitable U is a wonderful way to really learn how to take control of your destiny, and to break the energy of that doldrum feeling, and to start opening up to this wonderful vast energy in a fun, but very learning way. You start to design your life instead of letting life’s challenges design you. Learn to create wonderful energy every day. So check us out a little bit. But until then, remember, Spirit is love. And when we open up our energy, clean it out of those toxins then it is clear, and it is healthy, and it is full of love. And we are in Spirit. Love you all. Have a fantastic week. Namaste

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