Casting a Spell on Love

The thought of finding an enduring and lasting love is one that many yearn for. It’s an idea that people are raised on, the bread and butter of a dreamer.

Unfortunately, as an adult that love proves to be difficult to attain for many.

As teenagers, finding our true loves was as simple as walking into the hallway but most of those relationships don’t make it out of those same hallways. This is mostly because as children we trust and love unconditionally. Whereas adults, even when we don’t try to, there’s the mentality that you have to earn trust and the chance for love. Part of seeing the world through an adult view means trust issues, lack of belief/hope, and sometimes even the inability to open your heart and let others in.

So for all those looking for love, take a chance and cast a spell on love. Don’t stop reading, give me a chance and hear me out. I absolutely do not mean to cast a love spell on anyone. That is a whole world of no. Consent is the most important aspect of our lives. What this means though is to target the love itself or actually what it is that allows you to find said love. For example, finding a spell or personal ritual that helps you gain the confidence to approach a love interest. You know the one I’m talking about. Let’s discuss some spells or rituals that will help you on the quest for love. Maybe even “tru wuv”.

There are many different white magic love spells the aim is for the caster to open themselves up to finding love. These types of spells hold no ill will, manipulation, or force of any kind. It’s more about the caster finding the confidence to look for love with an open heart and mind. For them to find the confidence to bring forth their personality and show the real person allowing for a genuine connection. As long as you go into using these as a way to boost your ability to make meaningful connections a spell such as this could aid you greatly.

Personal rituals, meaning find something that will increase your personal belief in yourself and others. For example, positive affirmations, remind yourself daily that you are deserving and worthy of love. Combat the negative thoughts that discourage you by affirming positivity. Grounding yourself in the now so that you can view interactions with your love interest with eyes that aren’t full of doubt or mistrust because of past issues. Grounding yourself will give you a chance to know for sure that your feelings are your feelings and not your reaction to a past occurrence with others.

Another daily ritual you can try is meditation. Meditation is a great way for a person to learn their own mind and connect with what they actually want and need out of a relationship. Knowing what you want and need gives you the opportunity to find just that rather than settling.

So go forth and cast your spell on love.

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