Can Crystals Attract Money?

Want to attract more abundance in your life? Well, the thing we must remember is that the flow of money is energetic. The exchange of money is an exchange of energy. Think about everything you get paid to do, you get paid to essentially use your energy on a singular focus for a period of time that you will never get back in your life. Money is 100% an exchange of energy. Our thoughts and emotions are energetic, too. For centuries, ancient civilizations have focused their thoughts and emotions and their energy on the power of crystals to manifest abundance, but is there any actual science to back their claims? There is now.

New advances in technology have finally allowed scientists to observe the way certain crystals interact with the energetic properties around them, and you’re going to be surprised to learn how certain crystals can actually help to attract more abundance into your life… but only if you do it right!

 First, you need to use the right crystals!

Certain crystals are scientifically proven to absorb energetic vibrations and intensify them. I’m sure you’ve heard of Silicon Valley, right? Well, silicon is a naturally occurring substance found in quartz crystals that absorb energy and amplify it. Without these crystals, both computer and cellular technology would basically cease to exist. And this isn’t the first time we’ve used crystals in our technology.

You know about quartz watches, right? The first quartz watch was successfully invented all the way back in 1967! Using quartz crystals inside a timepiece amplifies the energy from the battery to generate a smooth and continuous motion that is so reliable and precise, that you can literally set your watch to it.

So what does this have to do with abundance? Okay, so based on our technology, it’s undeniable that silicon-based quartz crystals are powerfully effective for absorbing and intensifying energy, right? We know this, and we’ve known it for decades.

Here’s what isn’t as well-known, or widely advertised: The flow of money is ALSO energetic, and the exchange of money is an exchange of energy.

Recent advances in technology have proven that our thoughts and emotions release measurable, energetic wavelengths; brainwaves that can be absorbed by silicon-based quartz crystals, and amplified in the exact same way that makes a quartz watch keep time. Only it isn’t battery energy that’s being absorbed and amplified to activate a motor. It’s the power of intention being absorbed and amplified, and it’s The Law of Attraction that’s being activated. Yes, it is true that certain crystals will actually absorb your energetic intentions for creating abundance and amplify your desire to attract abundance more powerfully than with just meditation alone.

So now let’s talk about the Top Best Crystals For Abundance, and how you can use them to powerfully activate The Law of Attraction in your life. I’m going to tell you about my favorite of four crystals for abundance, and to learn more about the other top 3, please watch the full episode!

Any silicon-dioxide-based quartz crystal will be a wonderful addition to your prayer or meditation practice, gratitude rituals, or in any room where you frequently focus on achieving your goals. 

Green Aventurine, also known as the gambler’s stone.

Green Aventurine encourages a more playful money mindset, and it has been attributed to luck, prosperity, and good fortune for thousands of years within MANY civilizations throughout the world. Because of its beautiful green color, this crystal is often associated with the heart chakra and is believed to foster courage as we take big steps toward new successes.

Choose green aventurine, with its high energy-absorbing properties, to support your abundance when circumstances involve an element of risk, such as starting a new career path, launching your own business, or playing the stock market. Also, if you tend to have a bit of a doom and gloom attitude toward the concept of money, this crystal is said to encourage a more playful money mindset that can help remove mental obstacles that may be blocking the energetic flow of abundance in your life.

So much of our ability to attract abundance is impacted by our attitude toward money. Our attitude is what determines the emotional energy we pulse out into the Universe. When we align our attitude with the abundance we wish to attract–crystals have the scientific capability to amplify that energy and increase the strength behind the message we are sending out into the Universe.

What is your attitude towards money? Are you focusing on what you want, or are you focusing on what you don’t have? Determine which energy-absorbing, abundance-amplifying crystal appeals to you most, and just include them in your daily life. Have them nearby while you brainstorm, work diligently, and dream big so they can absorb all that productive abundance-producing energy, and amplify it to powerfully shape your reality.

Thank you so much for joining me! Please watch the full episode for more examples of powerful crystals for manifesting abundance. Until our next chat, remember that Love is Spirit and Spirit is Love. Namaste.

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