A Breath of Renewed Hope

A Breath of Renewed Hope

Negative cycles will cloud your spiritual journey with so many obstacles you will feel as though you're walking in circles on a very dark path. Staying in a continual loop of negative thoughts and experiences will keep you from achieving your goals whether spiritual, mental, physical, social, or professional. In essence, they take all the good and turn it into a dark cloud of negativity. Stepping out of these negative cycles and loops is possible and will aid you in becoming a strong, confident, and well-rounded person that is living a life full of vitality. 

Stopping a negative cycle of experiences will bring you stronger relationships, and healthier associations with those around you, allow you to succeed, and allow positive experiences to become the forefront. A negative experience can be getting out of an abusive relationship to fall back into another one. To stop this first means that you recognize the signs of abuse and toxicity. Then learn to say no and stand strong in your convictions on what you deserve in a relationship. Thus bringing you stronger, healthier, and more positive relationships; empowering you as a person that deserves positive and loving connections to those around you.  Another negative cycle could be that others constantly bring you down or take credit for your achievements. Ridding yourself of this type of negativity loop consists of finding the strength within yourself to say I deserve this. When doing this you’ll quickly find that you believe in yourself more and you’ll find a mental and emotional strength that you may have previously thought impossible. 

Negative loop thinking will lead to consequences such as depression, anxiety, self-hate, and sometimes even cases of self-harm. To shift out of this line of thinking you can meditate and find your center, begin positive affirmations to combat the bleak thoughts, or start journaling about your thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Once you’ve created a healthier more beneficial thought process, you’ll quickly discover the benefits. You’ll begin to “feel” yourself, meaning you will learn to love all the parts that make you, you. When you think positively, you’ll start to take chances in your life that will bring you many rewards on your journey. Chances and opportunities that when you were stuck in your negative thought loop you would have never taken because of doubts. You’ll also become more settled with yourself, your capabilities, and what you really deserve. Basically, you will learn to take the bull by its horns. Your spiritual journey will be traversed with more ease if you allow yourself to be confident and hopeful.

Learning to shift out of negative cycles will only be beneficial in your quest to become whole. Confidence and hope will begin to color your outlook on your future. You’ll be in the right frame of mind to accept and work towards what you actually deserve. No taking less than what you are worth. There will be no negative thoughts or relationships that become obstacles in finding your spiritual path, only thoughts and people who will walk their journey alongside you as you traverse your own. There is strength in positivity.

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