Unveiling the Magic: A Beginner’s Guide to Oracle Cards

Have you recently decided you want to learn more about the world of divination, but have no clue where to start? Oracle cards could be just the thing. What are they? Oracle cards are incredibly similar to Tarot cards but are much simpler to use especially for a beginner in the divination arts. They are defined as a set of divinatory cards for personal exploration and ritual. Oracle cards are a divination tool that can help guide you on your path, help you connect to the inner you, help you become more clear on your decision-making, and help inspire a sense of confidence in yourself. So how do you use them?

The first step is finding the right cards for you. There are many options, don't let them overwhelm you. Most Oracle decks unlike Tarot cards are completely individual and hold their own meanings and messages. There is absolutely nothing traditional about oracle cards, this means that meanings and interruptions are up to the creator of each distinct deck. The best advice about choosing your cards is to pick a set that resonates with you. For example, if you are deeply spiritual an angel deck might be the one for you. 

There are many to choose from, here are a few examples: Goddess Power Oracle ( draws upon the symbolic energy of different goddesses from many cultures), Nocturna Oracle Deck ( plants and animals that come alive at night), and Moonology ( which allows you to work with the moon’s power). Remember to go for the one that matches what you want to discover and fits you personally. Now for the more difficult or rather the more intense part of using this divinity tool, the readings.

Step One: Harmonize with the moment.

It is important that you connect with your deck before beginning. Center yourself, find what works for you to focus on this moment, not in the past or in the future just in the now. This could be deep breathing, creating a comforting atmosphere, or even light meditating. The crucial part is to do what is comfortable for you to achieve this harmony with the moment and your cards.

Step Two: Infuse Your Deck; Find Your Support

After you have created your comfortable special place and are grounded in the now, It's time to infuse your new deck with your energy so that they are attuned to you. This is partially why it's incredibly important to center yourself because once centered you can begin to picture your essence and aura. 

As you shuffle your new deck, envision your essence and aura upon the cards. Only good thoughts shake away that negative energy, you want your cards to reflect the love and light you hold within yourself. Once you feel comfortable and aligned with your deck it’s time to find your inner support. This support is once again a choice made by you and completely dependent upon what you believe in. This could be a higher power, your inner self, or a spirit guide, as long as you feel safe and surrounded by good energy.

Step Three: Focus, Ask, Attention to Detail

Focus on your energy and your cards. Ask your question, whether it’s a specific one or you’re just looking for a message that you need to hear. Pull your card. Always pull the card that you feel guided to, and trust in the process. There may also be cards that fall or stick out, pull those too because there may be more to your message or answer than one card holds. Once the card or cards have been looked at, seek the guide that comes with your deck and find the interpretation for those particular cards. 

It is important to listen to yourself while looking at each Oracle card. There may be parts that you are drawn to, some that you hate, or even some that just stir strong feelings. While you read about the meaning of each card, pay attention to how you feel about what you are reading. Take a moment to review, reflect, and even pray for additional clarification. Believe in these feelings and you will receive the enlightenment you are looking for. Trust your inner self and the cards. Unveil your inner magic. 

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