Be Free to Create Your Future

Don’t shy away from pursuing your dreams, just because you’ve tried before and it didn’t work out. The past is a gift, even when it’s a difficult or painful past. Our experiences, no matter how difficult, hold gifts for us in their hands. The past can only weigh us down if we refuse to acknowledge these gifts and use them to make our futures better. Also there’s a danger in not examining our past to mine out the gifts. Without acknowledging our experiences and learning them, we run the risk of repeating them!

So you dream of starting a new business, but your last business wasn’t successful. What do you do? Never try your hand at business again? No! You have experience with what not to do now! That is great guidance! Here’s an even more popular example: You want to find a great relationship, but you’ve been betrayed, or misled in past relationships. So, does that mean you give up on finding love and companionship? You better not! You have a well of experience now that could potentially make you a much better partner for someone who deserves you!

It’s time to look closely at those difficulties of the past that may be blocking your creative flow, and change your perception to view them as valuable experiences that can transform your future. You know an exercise I love to do? It might seem a bit off putting at first, and it’s even a little funny, but it works! I love to make a list of all the things I really loved about my exes! Seriously! Because before things went downhill, there must have been some things I liked, or else I wouldn’t have dated them in the first place! It’s a great way to create a mold for the Universe to fill, and be really clear about what you want in a partner. I actually make two lists; one column is the things I loved and the other column are the things I didn’t love. The things about him that didn’t work for me. You need both sides to create your mold, and to find out what happens next, you can watch the episode. It’s such a fun exercise. And of course it doesn’t have to just be about relationships.

You can run this exercise through any occurrence or experience in your past that you wish to have lifted from your shoulders. Any experience from your past that you want to use to create a different result for your future. Maybe you have a history of horrible bosses and now you want to be your own boss. What a wellspring of guidance you have for what not to do! In part two of this episode, I confessed that I had an expert read my second book before publishing, and the feedback was devastating! Every insecurity I had about writing, was confirmed in one phone call. But guess what? I’m free from those insecurities now, because I grew from the experience, and now that I’m writing my third book, Hello Soul, I know what not to do.

Don’t let the experiences of your past discourage you from taking exciting chances in your future! With each try, you get stronger, wiser, and more capable of success! How have used the experiences from your past to expand your future and inform your decisions for the better? I would love to read about your growth, and how you’ve used your past experiences to live with more creative freedom in the present. Thank you for being a part of the Soul Manifesto community, and make sure you watch the final part of this episode, part 3, so you can learn how to do the list exercise! You’re going to love it. It’s all about reawakening and strengthening your ability to powerfully create the life you want. Namaste

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