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Okay, what is a Shamanic Journey? Well, it’s definitely a form of meditation, and while you are still new— It’s a practice that is recommended that you do with a guide; someone to help you move through the spiritual realms without getting distracted by your own thoughts, or your physical body.

It’s a deep, deep, form of meditation where your mind actually takes a journey through your own layers of consciousness. 

For this article, I’m going to give you 2 top reasons why people take Shamanic Journeys. If you’d like to learn more, and take a mini-Shamanic Journey with me, be sure to watch the full episode.

Shamanic Journeying helps us connect to Spirit, the energies of our planet, and other beings. These other beings include our spirit guides, our angels, and even our power animals. Isn’t that wild? 

It’s actually pretty common for a Shamanic Journey to lead a person to an animal spirit. You see, our spirit guides are full of insight and wisdom that can help us navigate our lives in many different ways, and they want to talk to us. They are eager, in fact, to help us. To deliver messages to us—And they will reveal themselves to us in any form that will make the message easier for us to receive.

Shamanism is the oldest known spiritual practice, and the very first shamans are believed to have been established within ancient hunter-gatherer civilizations. Indigenous tribes. Many different cultures spanning the globe have their own types of shamans, and they go by many different names. A medicine man or woman, a healer, a monk, a mystic, in Hawaiian tribes their shaman is called a Kahuna.

What they all have in common, is they are believed to walk with one foot in the earthly realm, and another foot in the spiritual realm. In a shamanic journey, there are three different spiritual realms. And they are stacked on top of one another. These three realms are often referred to as the World Tree. We live in the middle world, this physical place that we can see and touch. And then there is a spiritual realm that exists above us and below us—These are the additional layers of consciousness, and a shaman can guide you through these layers to help you find your spiritual guides.

Once becoming more familiar with these realms, after taking a few guided journeys with a shaman, many people are able to find ways to guide themselves back to those spiritual realms to revisit their spiritual guides on their own.

You can always turn to your spirit guides whenever you need help. Now you may be wondering, “Help with what? What are the reasons for taking a Shamanic Journey?”

So, let me tell you 2 top reasons people take shamanic journeys:

One reason is known as “Soul retrieval.” 

This is something very special. Your soul is your essence, and when we live through a traumatic experience or a sudden shock, a piece of our soul can detach from us. It can leave this earthly plane, and retreat into the spiritual realm as a way to preserve itself.

When this happens, we can be left feeling sort of dissociated from the world around us. When we get that feeling like a part of us is missing, it may very well be true. A Shamanic Journey can help people find that missing piece of their soul, and reconnect with it. So this process is called Soul Retrieval because you are journeying into the spiritual realm to make your soul whole again after a trauma.

Another common reason is to remove spiritual blockages

This one has major health implications! Spiritual blockages often manifest themselves into physical symptoms. Digestive issues are really common with spiritual blockages, and so are chronic neck and shoulder pain, localized tumors, and also severe depression, fatigue, and anxiety. Many forms of pain and discomfort can be alleviated by going on a series of guided shamanic journeys. While on these journeys we connect with our spirit guides seeking help to remove these spiritual blockages.

Thank you so much for joining me for today’s blog post! If you enjoyed it, please don’t miss out on watching the full episode! And then, go ahead, take that Shamanic Journey for yourself. It’s so exciting to uncover the mysteries of our own selves. And no matter what you find, you needn’t be afraid—everything we are shown is to help us because Love is Spirit and Spirit is Love.

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