Are You Stress Breathing?

We hold our breath when we are afraid, don’t we? 

We hold our breath when we are in danger. 

We gasp for air when we are shocked, or startled. 

We take short, sharp inhale when we are frustrated or angry. 

These breathing cues inform our brains about what sort of chemicals to release into our systems. When our breathing cycle is left on auto-pilot, it will reflect our perceptions of the world around us. If we are cruising down the road with the windows rolled down, a smile on our face, singing our favorite song, our exhales become longer and slower. Our souls expand and our vibrations raise higher and higher with the vibrations of the music. Our brain recognizes our breathing pattern to indicate that all is well, and it releases feel-good hormones into our system that promotes a sense of focused calm.

If we are running late for work, stuck in standstill traffic, with our minds filled with difficult narratives about making a bad impression, our inhales and exhales become short and sharp. Our brain responds by activating our fight or flight mode, perceiving our negative experience as potentially life-threatening. Our souls contract and our vibrations lower. The result is a chemical flood of adrenaline and cortisone that fuels stress and anxiety.

The good news is that we can override the auto-pilot system of our breath at any time to stop the flood of anxiety-inducing stress hormones. We can use our breath mindfully to activate the release of feel-good hormones, even when we are in the midst of chaos. It takes practice, but the payoff is well worth the effort.

Join me for the full episode above, so we can do some experimenting with the breath together! I’m going to demonstrate for you 3 amazingly simple and effective breathing exercises, and you can try them along with me to get a feel for which ones you like the best!

Together we will explore:

Abdominal Breathing

Square Breathing (This one is used by Navy Seals!)

And the more advanced: Alternate Nostril Breathing

Don’t miss out! Watch the full episode now! I’m so proud of you for wanting to learn more about these natural and effective ways for lowering stress and raising your vibrations. When we take our breath off auto-pilot and intentionally activate deep breathing, we stop the flow of chemicals that feed and fuel stress and anxiety. I hope you find these simple, actionable exercises helpful on your journey toward stressing less and enjoying life more. If you enjoyed this episode please hit the like button, and let me know in the comments. That would bring me such joy. And as always, remember that Love is Spirit and Spirit is Love. Namaste

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