Are you Psychic?

Psychic. I’m sure in your mind you’re picturing someone wearing a long flowing skirt, maybe some beads, long hair, and just completely colorful. Like Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. You picture a crystal ball and incense smoke-filled room. This person will tell you about meeting your true love or how long your lifeline is. Perhaps you picture a person that picks up a personal item and receives a vision. Through the ages, people with psychic powers have either been hailed as powerful or disparaged as charlatans. That’s not the only kind of psychic out there though and you don’t need to speak to ghosts, have visions of the future, read minds, or be able to astral project. I believe everyone has a sixth sense or as others may phrase it, personal intuition.

What is Personal Intuition?

Person intuition is that feeling you have way down deep in you that can’t always be explained or even put into words. It’s a gut feeling that when you listen it will lead you on the journey we call life. It’s the sixth sense we as humans were given to help clear the confusion; an emotional, spiritual protection. A line of defense that remains inexplicable.

How does Personal Intuition = Psychic?

Let’s start with a few examples, have you ever thought of a person you haven’t talked to in a while then they call? Gotten a bad vibe from a person you just met and cannot figure out why? Have you dreamt about something or someone and then not long after they call with news? Maybe you’re saying that’s not a big deal, all of those can be easily explained. But can it? No. These feelings are the beginning stages of psychic powers. Some people may have a highly developed sixth sense and trust it unconditionally, while others just brush those feelings aside and trust more in tangible facts.

Are you Psychic?

The only way to really find out if you are psychic is to listen to yourself. Take the time in your day-to-day life and actually let yourself feel. Psychic abilities aren’t just some supernatural balderdash, they are an undiscovered part of your spiritual psyche. Maybe you’ll find that when someone calls you after thinking about them, you have the talent of precognition. Clairsentience is when you are perceptive to energy not normally perceptible such as bad vibes from someone you just met. There are many types of everyday psychic inclinations that lead back to our intuitions, anyone of those could be your gift. 

Pay close attention to your gut instincts from now on, lean into them, and then respond to the situations using those instincts. This will allow you to fully understand what psychic gifts you may have and how if you let it, your life could go in wonderful directions or even protect you from awful situations. Just remember that at the end of the day, it is not something to fear because it's unknown, no it’s something to take joy in because it’s an unlearned part of yourself. Who doesn’t want to know themselves better?

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