Are you Living Life?

This is a question I have asked of myself in the past, and today I invite you to ask yourself this question as well: Do you own your life or does it own you? In other words, who is in the driving seat of your car – your car, of course, being the metaphor for your life? As the founder of the transformative program, Soul Manifesto, I invite you to reclaim control of your life. I think you’re going to love how a simple shift in perspective can help you get back behind that driving seat – in your car, on your journey, and bound for a destination of your choice!

Why do you do what you do?

Why do you work the job you work at? Why do you do all the million chores that need doing around the house? Is it all drudgery for you? A series of things you somehow have to get done during the course of a day – much as you did the day before – and the day before that? Does your life seem to be an obstacle course where you careen willy-nilly from one to another problem?

Are these the circumstances of your making? Think about it: In these times of a global pandemic, life itself seems buffeted hither and tither by winds not of your own making, charting a course you never plotted. You’re not sure what to do to protect yourself and your family. You want to be cautious, but not over-cautious. You want to be well-stocked but don’t want to be accused of unnecessary hoarding. You want to know all the risk factors and make informed choices. Maybe you’re out of a job or maybe you’re not making as much as you need to.

Doesn’t sound like you’re making the rules in your own life, now does it? So here’s the good news – you can change this around for you. Let me tell you how.

Become the co-creator of your life.

At some point, you need to stop life happening to you. At some point you need to make life happen for you. You can no longer live vicariously – like that soccer mom yelling at her kid from the stands. Don’t be the mom who probably wanted to, but never played soccer. Also don’t be that kid playing soccer who’d rather be taking ballet lessons.

You have to – and this is a central premise to work with in life – become the co-creator of your life. For this, you need to reach both within and without. You have to recognize what your real passions and dreams are, and you have to identify the rhythm of the universe – the energy that is actually working in subtle ways to make it all happen for you. I want you to be able to wake up in the morning, delighted with the day and looking forward to living each minute of it. Wouldn’t you love to be able to see and embrace your awesomeness? Let me explain how you can get started today.

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