Life After Toxic Relationships

Toxic people bring poison to other people’s lives; but when you rid yourself of that person you are taking an antidote to that poison. This will mean that you will immediately start seeing the negative effects that they have inflicted upon your life start to dissipate. This can sometimes be heartbreaking of course, especially if the toxicity is coming from a person that means a great deal to you. Maybe they are your significant other, family, or a close friend.

Unfortunately, we cannot change people. They have to want to change all we can control is who and what we allow in our lives. Toxic behavior should not be something you allow to be a part of your life’s journey. Remember that to live a life of spiritual growth you need to surround yourself with the people that help and support your path.

One of the biggest benefits of ridding yourself of toxic relationships is that you will begin achieving once again. This type of relationship creates a very negative environment that does not promote confidence in yourself but rather more supports you in giving up your dreams. Once you’ve taken the poison out of your life the environments around you will start to change.

For example, if the toxicity was a workmate, having them gone may mean that you start to realize that you can rely on your thoughts and ideas in the workplace and begin to advance. The same goes for a familial or romantic relationship, if the toxicity is gone you will have more belief in yourself and have a better connection to your faith and be able to trust the decisions that you make.

Another benefit is that once you are free from the harmful connection, you’ll begin connecting to the people that exhibit healthy roles in your life. The individuals that were pushed away and kept from you by the past toxic person in your life. You can rebuild old connections and once again find the people that help you, that actually reciprocate in the relationship. Ones that will support your spiritual journey just as you support theirs. The way it's meant to be.

Also, you’ll quickly find that your energy levels will rise, and your stress levels will decrease. This is because when you have a toxic individual in your life, you are always fixing and hearing about everything that is wrong in their life, thus leaving you to neglect your own. This causes you to be more stressed and even have more feelings of anxiety or depression. But when that person is gone you can focus on healing yourself, without having to fix someone else first. This will lead you to have more energy to succeed and be in a better place emotionally.

Toxic people are the poison that harms your life. Once you have eradicated that toxin, you can begin to heal. You can live your life path, and choose your own journey instead of following their map for your life that only benefits them. You can fill your life with healthy relationships. You deserve to have people in your life that will lift you up instead of pulling you down.

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