Affirmations of Self Love

Check out my 100 Daily Affirmations of Self-Love to transform the way you feel, live, and love. 

For a number of reasons, we tend to be our worst critics. Based on the impossible beauty standards foisted on us by the media, we tend to have unrealistic expectations of the way we look. Our relationships with ourselves are defined by the sort of early attachments we formed from our adolescence, childhood and even infancy. Our culture enshrines wealth and a certain kind of material success that causes us to question our worth. In the midst of all this, it is difficult for us to recognize our true worth and to love and value ourselves the way we were always meant to.

Self-love is vital.

We are all different but there is one thing we all have in common – we are all imperfect. But having flaws – does that mean I don’t deserve to be happy, to love myself for what I am? No! I see myself as a gift to the world and so should you! There is only one you in the world, just as there is only one me in the world. I am uniquely me and no one in the world is exactly like me. No one in the world can do exactly what I can! Affirmations of self-love are important to help us see our own true worth, our wholeness, and our unique lovability.

Many of us are taught to hate our bodies – to see flaws where there is beauty – and we look to change where we should lovingly accept. Positive affirmations help change this attitude. Tell yourself: My body is my friend. My body does amazing things. I release the negative thoughts about my body. These affirmations can be the first step towards body positivity and towards rejecting the ‘beautiful’ stereotypes around us. The fact is that there is no one ideal of beauty because no two bodies on earth are exactly the same! We are all meant to be different and that difference is something we must celebrate.

Daily affirmations of self-love are transformational.

We are all works in progress – even the wealthiest, the most successful, and seemingly the happiest of us all. Everyone we see around us has had setbacks, has made mistakes, and has encountered failure. The thing to do is to recognize that you deserve to be happy too! You deserve to be happy even if you have had more setbacks than others.

You have to honor your life’s path because it is yours… because it is beautiful and uniquely yours. No one else gets to judge your story, and it is time that you did the same! When you cherish yourself, you will find that the Universe starts to conspire with you to create your success. You have the tools to achieve your dreams and the Universe is waiting to make them happen for you. If you have faith in your abilities, the Universe will too!

Your happiness is in your hands. It comes from within you. You are whole; you are complete in and of yourself. Too long has society sold us fairy tales about happily ever afters with our savior princes walking off into the sunset – it is time to unlearn the fairy tales. It is time to recognize that you don’t need anyone else to be whole – you are enough! You don’t need someone else to complete you. You have worth and you have inner beauty – all you need is faith in your own abilities. Choose yourself today! My one hundred affirmations of self-love will help you do just that. Listen to it daily to make that most important of choices – you!

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