Visions from Dreams

Can your dreams predict the future? Dreams are wondrous and beautiful things that our minds do while our bodies are resting for the next adventure. They take our unaware moments to lovely places that can only be imagined. Then there are of course the dreams that hold untold fears and unhappiness. Yet, some dreams are actually visions of what is yet to come. In other words, they are precognition dreams. These dreams are some of the most abundant psychic events that are widely reported in our world.

What are precognitive dreams?

Precognitive or clairvoyant dreams are visions that bring knowledge of future events; this knowledge is not based on information that an individual would already know or be able to deduce based on sensory information from their life. These can have personal meaning to the dreamer or even have world-affecting events. 

Prophetic visions are deemed as actuality through a few criteria. First, the dreams have to have been told or written down previously to the actual event. This is why it may be beneficial to keep a dream journal by your bedside to write your dreams down the moment you awaken. Prophetic dreams are usually more easily recalled with clarity, but this can fade quickly upon waking. Second, the dream needs to have a uniqueness that cannot be happenstance. Meaning that the dreams have things in them that won’t happen and match the dream by coincidence or chance in real life. Third, the vision cannot be influenced by information already known. Last but not least, the bearer cannot directly influence the vision itself. 

What is known about this phenomenon?

This phenomenon has been interpreted in different ways, with some people viewing it as a form of divine communication or a message from a higher power. For others, prophetic dreams are seen as a manifestation of the subconscious mind's ability to predict future events. In many cultures, prophetic dreams have been considered a powerful tool for divination and have been used to guide decision-making and understand the will of the gods. In some religious traditions, prophetic dreams are considered a direct form of communication from a divine being and are believed to provide insight and guidance to the dreamer.

Events that have been predicted through visions.

Our history is full of moments that have been predicted before they happened. Let’s talk about some of the most popular. 

  • After Abraham Lincoln's death, one of his friends spoke out and reported that days before his assassination that Lincoln had received a dream of people crying and mourning his death in the White House. 
  • In the year 1966 in a little town in the South of Wales, there was a tragic mudslide that killed a horrifying number of children and teachers. After being investigated it came out that around 76 citizens had prophetic dreams about this terrible landslide. Including one girl who dreamed about her school being covered in dark substance just a day before the tragedy. 
  • Mark Twain had a dream the day before his brother died of him lying in a metal casket. 
  • One series of prophetic dreams that led to better circumstances was that of Harriet Tubman who received visions that kept her and the enslaved people she saved safe. Harriet believed that her prophetic dreams greatly helped in leading over 300 enslaved people to safety. 

Are you paying attention to your dreams?

The best way to find out if your dreams are really visions is to start a dream journal or the equivalent that works best for you. Recall your dreams in writing and then pay attention to the world around you. Not all prophetic dreams are bad though so fear not. Maybe you dream of your first dance at your wedding and then soon later meet the person who compliments you best, or you dream of a family member and they soon call with great news. Pay attention and be open, your mind might just be trying to give you guidance on what is to come. 

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