5 Things You Can Do To Feel Better Now

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If you have been feeling overwhelmed lately, especially when you are in crowded spaces, then your empathic nature could be part of the problem.  Everyone has empathic abilities to an extent, but some people are more susceptible to the negative side effects than others.


Some of the negative side effects, besides feeling anxious or overwhelmed in crowded spaces, include (but are not limited to) mood swings, physical reactions to chaotic situations, extensive feelings of boredom or aversion to drama.


I'm an empath and I have been an empath since the day I was born, most of these types of gifts tend to be more pronounced at a young age. I remember when I was about five or six, we were watching TV and there was a man singing. His energy made me so sick to my stomach that I had to leave the room. I went into the kitchen and told my Mom that the man was making me sick. And she said, “Never say that, what a horrible thing to say about people.”  Well, as it turns out, that man turned out to be one of the worst pedophiles and an awful man in real life, filled with lots of anger. I could feel his energy, even at that age. 


I had a very interesting childhood, a lot of freedom, which I really do appreciate. We had safe houses back then, (I'm aging myself) because women were just starting to go back to work. But some women were staying home and they would put a sign in their window in the neighborhood saying, “I'm home”, which would be called safe houses. 


So if you were in any kind of trouble you could run to that house, which actually saved me one day, walking home from school. There was a car parked on the side of the street and a guy standing there, with his trunk open.  I had to walk past that car to get to my house and he said, “Come on over, I've got candy.”  I looked at him and immediately I could feel it. I felt his energy and in my mind I thought, “Don't go there, do not go”.  


So I replied, “No, thank you,” because I was always polite. And then he said, “My dog is lost, and I need you to help me find it.” And I said, “I can't help you with that. I'm sorry.” And when he started walking towards me, I ran back to that safe house. 


The next morning, not even two blocks from me, a little girl was found behind the bleachers of the park, dead! So in this instance I realized that those feelings we experience as empaths are spirit’s way of guiding us and keeping us safe. Feelings that are truly a gift to be cherished and nurtured.


People who say that's “women's intuition” or, better yet, like my Mom who told me not to tell anybody about that or tried to downplay it, don’t understand the gift we have or try to learn how to use it to make our lives better.   


Now my mom, she was extremely talented. She didn't even realize it and when she did, it scared her so much. She would get signs if someone was going to die and could see people who had passed on. She wanted to shut it down, and had problems with it her whole life. It haunted her. 


I was lucky that my dad was a little more open minded and even though he was more in the science world, he knew that something was going on. He asked me how I knew not to go to that car, and I said, “Daddy, I could feel it,” which he called “Intuition”.


He asked me how I felt when I went to school, and I told him that some days it feels really good. Sometimes I can tell if a kid is sick. Sometimes I can tell what the teacher’s mood will be right away. This intrigued my dad and he set about teaching me not only how to feel the energy of the room, but how to CHANGE the energy as well. 


I know people who are older, who won't leave their homes because they can't take the heaviness of the energy that they are feeling. And right now, the energy is so intense, a lot of people are starting to wake up to what it actually is that they are feeling. When I was older, I recognized that I could start taking more power in my life and more responsibility for creating the world I want to create and a lot more people are experiencing that “awakening” right now.


One of the things that I have learned is that it only takes 13% of the population to change any mass consciousness. That’s a scientific fact my friends, and with a little bit of practice, you can play a crucial role in that mass consciousness shift, just by shifting the way you use your empathic gifts.


Here are 5 things you can do right now to shift your energy, your consciousness and your life to start feeling better right now:


(1) Ground Yourself - Being an empath can feel quite chaotic at times. Your mind might be racing a lot and you have a feeling of overwhelming anxiousness. Grounding yourself can help you stay focused on the things you want to and help you to let go of those things that don’t serve you.


Grounding yourself can be a simple exercise that you do each morning before you leave your house. It works best to go outside and walk in the grass with your bare feet, but with strong visualization, you can also do it inside.


Wherever you do it, be sure to close your eyes, and concentrate on how it feels to have your feet connecting with the ground. Imagine energy flowing from your hips down through your feet, into the ground, just like the roots of a tree or the base of a mountain going down into the ground. Send feelings of gratitude to the earth, this incredible planet we live on, Gaia or whomever you feel connected to.  Imagine that the energy is flowing down into the earth, anchoring your spirit and then imagine that the energy is also flowing back up from the earth into your spirit.


You may also want to put your hands together above your head pointing up into the sky. That's the peak of the mountain. Ask your spirit to pull beautiful light down into your hands, down into your body all the way down into the earth and back out again.


So you have got the energy of the earth coming up, you have the beautiful sky and the universe coming down and it's in the center forming a beautiful foundational center. Use this feeling to identify with the mountain, strong, stable and grounded.


(2) Protect Yourself - Once you have grounded your energy to the earth to help create a solid foundation, the next step is to surround yourself with an “imaginary” shield of protective light.  The shield won’t separate you from the world, but it helps to filter the energy that you experience throughout your day.


With your eyes closed, reach out to your guardian angel or spirit guides or even just your higher power and ask for a beautiful white light that goes all the way around you, above and below you and try to imagine that light surrounding you throughout your day.  This will help you filter and release any negativity that comes your way so that you won’t hold on to them where they can build up and stagnate.


So I put a little bit of energy around me and I go throughout my day. Now there's one more thing then, so say you're walking into the room, you've got your protection around you, you can still feel that energy of the room, but now that you have that wonderful little energy around you now you are in control of changing the energy of that room. 


(3) Set your Intentions -  Before you start your day and interact with people, sometimes it helps to “set the mood” or in other words, set your intentions, for a productive and stress-free day.  You can do this with a well-curated music playlist, spoken affirmations in the mirror, or by creating a mantra for yourself to repeat throughout the day.  Creating an intention for your energy is just as important as setting the agenda for a meeting. You can come back to it anytime you are feeling stressed and remind yourself that you are grounded, protected and intentional with your energy.


(4) Change the energy of the room - We’ve all been there, that crowded room of people and an equally chaotic environment for everyone’s energy to collide. Sometimes all the grounding and white light in the world can’t mask the stagnant energy of a crowded room.


If you remember the 13% rule, then in a group of 20 people, it only takes 2 people to shift the energy or consciousness of the other people in the room, which is something I really enjoy doing because it’s fun to see the results.  The first thing I do is look around and focus on each person in the room.  Who can I start talking to and start changing the energy of this room? Who can I focus on to brighten their day? If I can just get  two people in that room to shift their energy, it changes the whole room. It works! And sometimes all it takes is a smile and a direct connection through conversation. 


If we can just close our eyes and put our hands on our hearts every morning and allow the beautiful light of the universe to fill our hearts with love... Just one minute. It just takes one minute of setting forth compassion into the world. If we get 13% of people doing that, then mass consciousness could shift and all of a sudden you'll see incredible changes in political systems. You'll start seeing people becoming more aware. You'll start seeing wars change. It's amazing how this stuff really works!


(5) Keep your “vibration” high - Make it a permanent practice to stay in touch with how you are feeling because your feelings are your soul’s way of communicating to you.  Be mindful of the music you are listening to, try regular outings in nature, read positive messages on social media and in books and limit your consumption of news, explicit song lyrics and negative social media comments.


You know, we really do owe it to ourselves to be the best version of ourselves that we can be, especially if what we see in the world is disappointing or depressing. Changing how we feel on the inside will make everything else on the outside seem a lot less intimidating. Try it for 30 days, every day and let me know how you feel! 

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