Let Go of Old Emotions and Make Way for the New

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How can we make sense of the anger and fear gripping us right now? You know, we've seen unstable news on every single front. Nothing makes sense. There's too much chaos. Right? So where do you even start?  The fear on the news creates chaos in our minds and that's crippling.


Fear and anger are two different things. Fear is a very crippling kind of feeling. It's the confusion, it's that I'm afraid to step forward because I don't know what's out there. Fear is important in some ways, you know, in caution, but it can go on overdrive, especially when we feel threatened. Fear does not make you move. It's like a rabbit. You just hide, you just stand perfectly still and say maybe all this will pass if I just stay right here. That's what a rabbit does.


Anger is the healing process and is actually a step better. Anger makes you want to take action. You want to do something. Anger is very addicting and It is rolling around in your stomach, tightens everything and you really do feel alive. What you're actually doing is releasing tons of hormones for the fight or flee. This constant beret of things that will shut down part of your organs and get your blood pumping faster. We want to see something happen. We want to see change.  You're on a mission now, you're on a passion.  Do I just hide in my house and say kumbaya and do my meditations? No, none of us can afford to do that right now quite honestly. I'm speaking from a spiritual perspective, you were not meant to sit there and go with the flow. I am saying you need to get a higher perspective and step out of the fear.


So how do we even step out of that fear? Do we have to feel this way to take action? I don't think so. You know, I always go back to Martin Luther King who never really wanted to do the marches, they had to twist his arm, but he always brought in a perspective of love. He always brought in a perspective of we don't need to fight, we just have to make our presence known. He was looking at the higher way of being. He knew that if he brought in violence it would just turn into a war. No one would listen to anyone. 


  1. Turn off the news, It is not going to get worse in one day or two days or three days and if it does, you're still not in a position to do anything right now.  Do a lot of meditations. Do meditations for your own answers about you. How can you get into a higher place? How can you see things in a way that can be proactive and change things proactively without all this fear and anger? How can I be me again?
  2. Take walks in nature. I'm telling you, every time my life turns upside down, which it does, I'm human too. Nature is what brings me back into perspective. Nature is what gives me the lesson. It's like spirit speaks through the rivers and the trees and the grass and the birds. You know, I needed courage at one point and I went for a hike with my son and his fiancee and I'm sitting on a cliff and there's a little plateau right below me. So I'm not like an open cliff, you know, like I'm not going to fall off into the river, it was pretty high up. But on that little landing, big black vulture landed. Now, these things are humongous. I've never seen a black vulture and the black vultures are the most aggressive. This vulture just sat there and looked at me, he or she was so close to me, I was amazed. And so I said, oh my gosh, look at how beautiful you are and the wingspan, it's like it heard me. I looked at this bird and I thought oh my gosh, what courage this bird has what belief and knowing in itself that it has, that it will come right up to me. It has no fear. Isn't that something? And I thought I have to be more courageous in this situation I wanted to deal with, see how you can learn.
  3.  Listen to music, podcasts, meditations or audiobooks. Listen to the things that bring you up to a more glorious place. When I hear music, I get a high that most people get from other substances. So for me it's music, what is yours, what gets you? Try to make it something that you can always do no matter where you are.
  4.   Write down your gratitude list. Get that pad out and start doing your gratitude. I'm telling you, gratitude is one of the surest ways to change your perspective. At the very least you can be very thankful for the beauty that you have around you, your family, your home, dogs, kids, that kind of thing. Get out your gratitude pad and do it in the morning, do it at night, anytime, just write it down.
  5.  Have some fun. We do not have as much fun as we used to and seem to have forgotten about all the things we used to love to do. I have now gotten back into hiking and I am loving it. So now I'm going to look into hiking groups to meet people to hike with. Look for things that are a little bit different, if things aren't fun anymore that you used to do, try listening to audible books. Start something new, be brave. You know, I started just painting furniture as I watched a good movie.  I'm not perfect. I had to do one vanity that I was redoing a big one. Why I started with a big one. I don't know, but I had to do it over twice, but it didn't matter. It's to my liking, right? It's fun, choose something fun. 

See the thing is the fear and the anger puts you in a bubble. What you have to do is, you have to break the bubble. It's not only a bubble, it's a bubble that spins and is agitated. It's very high anger and and, and vibration. If you know about the laws of the universe, there's a law of polarity on one side, there's fear on the other. There's many ways you can be between fear and love, but here's the thing in the law of polarity, it says that love and fear, the yes and the no, the oh I don't know . You can and you can't are the same energy. What? Yes, the same energy is used in a different way. That's the law of polarity.


So alright, what's something you can do to get started while you're trying to get your mind into a better place and a higher perspective? Well, They say 13% of all populations can change the mass consciousness of that population. And Deepak Chopra, I was just reading, I think he said 14 or 15 can change an incredible 700,000 people. Of course it's true. 


Light always disperses dark. So, if there's just one little bit of light, it will put a hole in the darkness. The light is always present when it peeks through and if you get just a small amount of light, that is powerful and strong, you can change the whole mass consciousness of a community, a population or the world. Did you know that? Pretty incredible, isn't it? Yeah, not only that, but it sets you up for doing good. This is an incredible thing.


I recommend starting your day by feeling the sunshine and saying an affirmation. All you have to do is in the morning, stand outside if you can, or by a window and close your eyes and put your hand to your heart and feel the rays of the universe of God, of angels, whatever you choose and feel that beautiful ray of love come into the heart and fill it with incredible love. Allow it to fill you, feel that light just fill you with that unconditional love, that tolerance, that peace, that total acceptance, it feels so good. And then once you've soaked that up and you feel good, keep it. When you open your eyes, you say: today I am going to walk with tolerance and compassion today, I am going to walk with tolerance and compassion. Actually it's one of the biggest things you can do because when you walk forward into the day, every decision you make, every plan you make with another human being, will be filled with tolerance and compassion. 

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