2023: A Year for Vivid Dreaming

What would make 2023 a dream year for you? A dream job, a dream trip, a dream fulfilled? Or have you lost sight of your dream? Do you have no idea what your dream is or how you would even fulfill it? Or can you see your dream right in front of you?

Too many know what they don't want but can't clearly identify what they do want. If you can't name what you hope for or if you've lost sight of the dream that used to excite you, what will motivate you to pursue your dream in 2023?

It's never too late to dream big. It only matters that you dream and then make those dreams happen. No matter who you are or where you are in life, you can always chase your dreams. 

Cornell University psychologists surveyed hundreds of participants in six studies asking them to name their biggest regret in life. Seventy-six percent said it was not fulfilling their ideal self. Not going for their dreams!

The researchers identified three elements that make up a person’s sense of self. 

  1. Your actual self, the qualities you believe you possess. 
  2. Your "compulsive" self, who you feel you should be due to your responsibilities and obligations. 
  3. Your “ideal” self, is made up of the qualities you want to have.

So, in other words, when it comes to our dreams and aspirations, we fail to act on them, and then later in life, we are filled with regret about it. We are quicker to take steps to rectify failures with our responsibilities and obligations than to fulfill our dreams and goals.

What it comes down to is that what we regret most is what we didn’t do. The chance we didn't take. The dream we didn't chase. 

In the short term, we regret our actions more than our inactions but in the long term, it is the inaction that leads to greater regret. It’s vital to act on our hopes and dreams. 

Getting out of your comfort zone is a must and you should do so on a daily basis. To reach our #1 goal in life, we need to get uncomfortable – and often.

YOU MAY THINK…  “Well, if I’m only here for a certain amount of time. Why not be comfortable during the little time we have on this earth?”

Do you want the short answer? Because you WILL be bored.

Even the snuggliest of days get a little dull after a while. You know I’m right. 

How many of you have told yourself the following… “Today’s tasks: I’m just going to stay inside, under my blanket, watch Friends all day, eat chocolate and drink hot cocoa!”?

Sounds amazing right? Imagine doing that every day. Not so fun anymore and you’ll be craving a change soon enough. 

As humans, we are restless and we were not put on this earth to live comfortably and still at all times. We are meant to evolve, grow, walk around, exercise, and move our bodies out and about, outside our comfort zone. Outside our comfort zone is where the magic happens. 

Be uncomfortable every day and you will be destined for greatness and success. Imagine all the possibilities out there, just waiting for you to go out and grab ‘em.

When you decide to take a walk out of your safe space, ideas come easier, your creativity will spark and you see opportunities where you used to see obstacles.

Your dream comes from a strong desire to do something or be something. It is congruent with your greatest strengths and consistent with your values. It defines the difference you want to make with your life and that gives you powerful energy and internal motivation.

Some people may try to hinder your dream through criticism and discouragement, but don’t let it stop you. They may mean well but if you listen to them, you won’t see your dream fulfilled. You need friends who are big encouragers that believe in you and your dream.

Let your dream shape you. The struggle will make you more patient, the support will make you humbler.

The time to start realizing your dream is now. Someday is code for no day. This is your year.  Start today and you can have the most fulfilling year of your life. Make 2023 the year you act on your dreams.

No regrets!!

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