Inside, you know the reality that is right for you. You yearn for the dreams and ways of living your Soul is crying out for. You may have even begun to step into your own reality however the constant expectations, situations, and responsibilities impede you, making it hard to continue creating what you know is right for you. It is like a giant magnetic pull to do, say, and be what people want you to be. I don't want this to hold you back, so...

I'm inviting you to the Unabashedly Me Retreat


This Retreat is right for you if:

  • You want to get a strong start in creating the reality of your dreams.
  • You want a support system that helps you gain strength, understanding and sees your light.
  • You want time to renew yourself and feel safe to explore your dreams and test out your true reality.
Yes! This Retreat IS FOR ME!

3 Miraculous immersive days in the Tennessee Mountains
nurturing and strengthening our spirit!

  • Form a tribe of wonderful friends who understand and are eager to help. You are NOT doing this alone!
  • Get in touch with your natural flow as we walk into our magic.
  • Classes that give you new information and realization that support the new reality you want to live in
    • Each exercise that Alena will teach you during this time, will encourage you to develop and understand what helps you to be your best and how to keep it when everyone else’s demands are around you.
  • Deep meditations and journeys for you to delve inside yourself to your true self, your heart, and your soul so that you can find the strength, and the desire to make this incredible change.

By the time you come home, you will:

  • Feel confident in this new reality you want to live 
  • Be comfortable with the true, authentic you
  • Have no more excuses
  • No longer allow other people to push their agenda on you
  • No longer allow your boundaries to fall for toxic people to pollute you 
  • No longer allow situations of others to affect you
  • Gain the resolve and the strength to bring your dreams alive
  • Find your freedom
Yes, I will see you at the Unabashedly Me Retreat! 

It's time to establish the way of living that your soul is crying for.

This is not a Retreat for temporary relief.
This is an immersive retreat to discover yourself and what it takes to
gain a firm foundation for the reality you want to live.

Isn’t it time?
Aren’t you tired of being just like everyone else?
Going after the same things?
Abiding by the same social expectations?

The light in you has a mission and you know and feel it every day.

It knows the incompleteness you feel is not real
It knows the fear you feel is not real
It knows the guilt or shame you feel is not real.

Deep inside you have the reality you are supposed to be living
and there is never a better time than NOW to
bring that true reality of you forward into the world. 


Chattanooga, Tennessee

May 17th, 18th & 19th 2024

Hotel, travel, and meals are at your cost

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