Are you feeling unhappy?


Are you feeling empty? Do you overload yourself with activity that leads to a state of feeling emotionally numb? 


Are you ready to take a moment and get in touch with how you really feel about your life?

Discard the heaviness of your past and move towards a lighter uplifting life!

If your job, life and relationships feel like a routine of drudgery—you are living in a prison.

However, recognizing these feelings is the first step towards a newfound awareness that can set you free.

Alena will guide you along a new path that leads to self-discovery and certainty that you are capable of wonderful things. 


Step-by-step exercises that build unstoppable momentum


Affirmations that change your thought patterns for the better


Lessons and quotes that excite and energize your mindset


Life-affirming guidance & power to create a joyful life 

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In her new book, You Can’t Escape from a Prison if You Don’t Know You’re In One, Alena Chapman takes you through life-changing exercises that enable you to burst out of your prison and explode into a dynamic new life filled with abundance, joy and purpose.

Start by saying, “Enough is enough” and commit to freedom and happiness.

As you read, you’ll come to the healthy realization that it’s ok to give yourself permission to say, “Enough is enough, I want to change.”