Move beyond the 'busy-ness' , the negativity and the toxic relationships. 

Start your journey towards creating positive, life-altering change with
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Private VIP Inevitable U
Discussion Group

Join our community of Inevitable U Graduates. This is the place to get feedback from each other and Alena. 'We are what we focus on' and this is the place where your focus can be on your creativity. This is the place for you to ask questions, find out what's working best for others, share your wins, get support on your challenges and step into the Inevitable U.

5 Group Coaching Calls
with Alena Chapman

Each call with Alena is designed to guide you, support you, and connect with you every step of the way through your Inevitable U course. As the premier group, your questions could very well become additions to the course as well as new resources for your journey.

Let's get creative together!

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Meet Your Guides, The Expert Panel

Alena Chapman

The True Way of Manifesting Your Creation.
Worry, Doubt & Fear.
The Eyes of a Child Open with the Creative Spirit.

Candice Harper

Radical Self Acceptance

Tara Lefevre

Unlocking Your Karmic Code

Cornell Thomas

Radical Self Acceptance

David MacElwain

Perspectives on Meditation

Elizabeth Gilbert

Interview with author of "Eat, Pray, Love"

Chad Lefevre

Creating Vs. Consuming