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Your Gratitude Journal

Imagine looking at a sunset and feeling absolute, all-encompassing wonder. During the day, you purposely take time to notice a bird’s song or to feel the breeze as it brushes against your face. Your heart is at peace, and your mind clears from all the chaos.

The wonders of our world surround us every day.

How often do we stop, take notice, internalize,
and be grateful for them?

Being grateful changes our mood. If we are pensive, brooding, or anxious, being grateful transports us to relief and happiness. It raises our vibration and opens our eyes to the “now” and the possibilities all around us.

Stop and notice the perfect cup of tea or coffee you are sipping or the series of green lights and light traffic that allow you to arrive at your destination on time. Be grateful and enjoy these moments.

Use this journal to enhance your gratitude practice and begin to feel thankful every day.

You'll receive a nearly 400-page journal and workbook pdf, with writing prompts for every day of the year. [You can get a paperback Gratitude Journal HERE]