$39.00 USD

Abundance and Prosperity Crystal Bag

Discover True Success: Your personalized Abundance and Prosperity Crystal Bag.  

If you truly want success, abundance, and prosperity, you deserve this powerful group of crystals.

Each crystal has been chosen and cleaned of all energy and is ready for you. Each crystal holds unique abilities that aid in helping you with success. Together these crystals are a powerhouse creating a feeling, a knowing in you that your success is right before you.

Citrine – is the stone of success and joy. It radiates warms like the rays of the sun. When used it attracts prosperity, creativity, and happiness along with clearing any lower vibration that doesn’t serve you.

 Amazonite - named after the Amazon River, this stone brings gifts of success, prosperity, truth, courage and Empowerment. With it’s soft
blueish green color like the water this stone is known as the manifestation stone.

 Smokey Quarts – known as one of the best stones for protection. This
crystals translucence smokey appearance removes all toxic and lower vibrations from its surroundings along with a sense of grounding creating balance, stability and vitality.

Do you want a bag of crystals for a personal reason? Maybe for love, or healing?
Let Alena and her team know and we will craft a crystal bag just for you with the same care and cleaning so that you can benefit fully from each crystal.